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All cake, buttercream, and filling flavors are vegan and can be made gluten free or nut free unless otherwise noted (*cannot be made nut free, **cannot be made gluten free). View the pricing guide for available sizes and starting prices.


Plant Baked by Sarah is a small business that places quality as a top priority. The menu is limited to ensure fresh, baked to order cakes using only natural flavors. 

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Cake Flavors

Rich Chocolate,  Vanilla Bean,  Almond*,  Lemon,  Carrot Cake*,  Pistachio*,  Cinnamon Mocha,  Strawberry,  Red Velvet, Snickerdoodle

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Buttercream Flavors

Chocolate,  Vanilla,  Maple Cinnamon,  Cookies & Cream**,  Peanut Butter*,  Raspberry,  Strawberry

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Lemon Curd,  Raspberry,  Strawberry,  Chocolate Ganache

Classic Combinations

  1. Vanilla bean cake w/ vanilla buttercream 

  2. Rich chocolate cake w/ cookies & cream buttercream

  3. Lemon cake w/ lemon curd filling & vanilla buttercream

  4. Cinnamon mocha cake w/ maple cinnamon buttercream

  5. Almond cake w/ raspberry filling & vanilla buttercream

  6. Snickerdoodle cake w/ maple cinnamon buttercream

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