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About Sarah

Hi, I am Sarah Greene, an engineer turned baker. I have always loved to cook and bake (from the time I needed a step stool just to reach the counter). However, I did not initially see it as my career path. I went down a traditional academic path, earning my master's degree in environmental engineering. 


By 2021, I was working a traditional engineering job, but nothing felt right. I was working crazy hours and had no creative outlet. I was totally burnt out.


Around this time, I was also planning my wedding reception and having a hard time finding a vegan bakery to do our wedding cake. After a lot of frustration, I decided to make our own wedding cupcakes. I thought, hey I love to bake, how hard can it be? Let's just say I was mistaken. I spent most of the day before my wedding in the kitchen baking, frosting (and re-frosting) cupcakes with the help of family and bridesmaids.


I knew I did not want others to experience this added stress for their special occasions and that there was a real need in my community for delicious vegan cakes. With a lot more practice with decorating and tweaking my recipes, Plant Baked by Sarah was born!

Sarah Greene
family with dog

My family

On our days off, you can find me, my husband Jeff, and our dog Tux out on a hike or snuggling on the couch (even if Tux takes up 90% of it).


We love to travel. Our ideal vacation is exploring a national park and we would love to visit all of them. So far I think we have been to ten, so we have plenty of exploring left to do!  

Jeff is also an entrepreneur so we spend our days cheering each other on in our businesses.   

A little more about me

Sarah and Jeff Greene

Always Laughing

My husband is the king of corny jokes and always keeps me laughing.

fresh floral wedding cake

A little bit of a perfectionist

I am all about the details...maybe a little too much at times.

Sarah and Tux

Tux owns the house

Tux is my weak spot. He rules the couch, the bed, and our hearts. 

Sarah Greene

My untraditional office

I have to be comfortable. My favorite way to catch up on emails is curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee.

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